We are a small office share located in a representative town house, right in the middle of the European Quarter of Brussels. We host small organisations, NGOs and companies as well as Brussels representations of foreign companies or organisations.

Map: location of 36ADA

Office associates at 36ADA work in different fields, but we are united in two ways: we prefer a traditional town house over a modern office block, and our work is connected with the European institutions in one way or another.

All our offices are fully furnished and readily connected (internet, printer, scanner, fax, landline phone), and include unlimited meeting room use. Since you don't have to worry about logistics, you can start working and focus on what is essential immediately. Details »

If a full office is more than you need, our co-working office might be interesting for you: with 3 to 4 persons sharing one office you receive the same advantages as with a full office. Details »

You need a representative presence in Brussels, but only come here yourself occasionally? With our virtual office you have a meeting room and "hot desk" at your disposal when you need them. Details »